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Since the age of 19, I have worked as an entrepreneur in sales, marketing, and training. For much of that time my primary focus has been in the field of Direct Sales and Network Marketing.  I found that specific industry most fascinating as it posed the greatest challenge. Statistically, most people who start a home-based business marketing products or services to the general population fail.
Sadly, the same holds true in the open market; many self-employed people are unable to generate the financial return required to stay independent.
I find that dilemma unacceptable.

With more than 20 years of research working directly with entrepreneurs in a variety of fields, I found the number one problem was the lack of education about what it really takes to make it in a business of your own. No matter what the business, people have very little access to legitimate training and education about the various aspects of running an independent venture. So they often embark on their journey with no foundational experience, little if any specific training in the building and developing of their business, sketchy support networks and most importantly no plan to guide them.

Paragon Living Institute is where the tools, training and support come together.

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