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My Mission
My mission is to be a model of excellence as I provide practical training, transformational coaching and remarkable tools for people who want to be successful in building and developing a database of people. By implementing marketing strategies that are focused and consistent we attract and cultivate the most profitable customer, active referral source and ideal business partner.

My Image
As I set out to create the logo for my business I wanted to follow the methodology I use when helping others create their images and logos.
First, it needs to be about WHO you are, not just what you do.
And, it must look as good in a thumbnail black & white as it does full blown color 3-D.
I truly wrestled with this for many months. Like the cobbler with no shoes, as I helped in the creation of image designs, mine had a longer gestation. Late one night as I sought my muse, I remembered a personal logo I had created in a college design class 20 years prior. As I raced to recover my dusty portfolio from the attic, I realized that I am the same girl with the same mission even now.
I love New York and the pulse of the city. I plan to be there when my son gets his first role on Broadway. And I must have a garden. I need a direct connection with the earth. It is the place where I rest, grow, think and listen.
So my logo and image is about me and as fate would have it ~ it also beautifully represents the foundational principle behind so much of what I teach. Building and Developing. Fun, huh?

My Background
My training is 25+ years as an entrepreneur in Direct Sales, Sales Training, Image Consulting and Marketing Strategies. I started my first company at the age of 19.
I learned early on the value of a referral network and residual income and so I specialized in developing programs for building professional referrals.
I played in the corporate arena for a short time creating and implementing ‘Train the Trainer’ programs across the country for corporate training departments.
I could never adjust to the pantyhose or rush hour traffic and so retired knowing that was just enough experience to keep me passionately independent from that time forward. Now, I never wear pantyhose while sitting in rush hour traffic.
In my first MLM venture, I built a network of distributors in 27 states in the first 6 months of business. I brought with me a database of people with whom I had influence and credibility. I also had 10 years sales & training experience. I was fortunate to work with a team of very successful others and added to my toolbox the experience of team building at it’s best.
I have spent the last 7 years writing, teaching and coaching. My specialty is practical training, transformational coaching and remarkable tools for people who want to be successful in building and developing a database of people by implementing marketing strategies that attract and cultivate the most profitable customer, active referral source and Ideal business partner.

My Philosophy
I see the process of life as building and developing: our light, our life and if we choose the path of an entrepreneur, our business. In more than 25 years of sales, marketing and training, I have tried a lot of new ideas. I have had some great successes and a few not so great. I made some valuable discoveries.
Here’s what I’ve concluded thus far:
To get someone’s attention in life and in business we must be: Remarkable, Intriguing and Memorable. Being Remarkable is our point of attraction. That is what we reveal about ourselves in order to attract our ideal person. Being Intriguing means we show just enough to get them to want to know more. And being Memorable ~ well, that means I want you to remember the first time you met me, every time you see me. Whether that means in person, on the phone, a postcard, an ad or even an email.
A successful marketing campaign has 3 key ingredients: Focus, Consistency and Repetition. We must be specific about who we want to attract. Very specific. We must appear before our audience lots of times. And we must say the same thing over and over and over. So often we embark on marketing strategies with a short-term immediate need in mind. That is Sales: short-term immediate expectation. (I pitch to you. You say yes or no. The outcome is quickly revealed.) Marketing on the other hand is long-term exposure to build rapport and reputation. Marketing is about establishing your presence in the market place. Marketing is about Building and Developing your database of people who become your customers, referral sources and even business partners.
Personal conviction about the possible outcome of the situation is one of the most important ingredients to success. That means if you don’t believe it’s possible, it’s very hard to stick to the plan. So, first take realistic inventory of the resources you have available. Then, make a plan that is believable.
Life is about two things: transformation and application. Our willingness to be transformed is how we grow. We learn something and then we try it. Sometimes it works the first time. Sometimes we need to develop skill. Sometimes we need a total overhaul. If we practice enough, focus enough, want it enough, it usually works.
So, how do we get belief?
We can turn to the great Masters and leaders who have gone before us for advice on that. And, we can choose to surround ourselves with people who support our beliefs.
There are many paths up the mountain, but it is our decision to climb the mountain in the first place that begins the journey.
Follow me ~ or run ahead ~ let’s GO!

A Dedication

FRancine & PaulaI dedicate these works to my Mother ~ Jeanetta Frances ~ 9, 12, 1916 -10, 9, 2004
As I was given the exquisite privilege of caring for her the last year of her life, I was also inspired to grow in my work and ultimate mission. For every day I cared for her seeds of inspiration were planted. The joy & sorrow of loving and letting go are the sun & rain on the garden that is my life.
Now she has returned to her Divine Creator and this labor of my hands shall sprout and bloom as testimony to God's great Love and Promises.
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