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Have you ever been told that in order to make the changes necessary to get what you want in your life, you have to ‘get out of your comfort zone’.
I’ve never been able to figure that out.
First, it sounds like if I’m in a state of dissatisfaction, I’m actually comfortable.
Working too many hours, not making enough money, not being prepared for retirement, struggling with debt...that is supposed to be my comfort zone?
Does that mean that in order for me to grow and change so I can be productive and happy I have to get ‘uncomfortable’?
Sounds like going from bad to worse.

Ok, so let’s say we give it a try, we’re willing to make the leap in the new uncomfortable realm.
What happens next?
How long do I have to STAY uncomfortable for the change to take hold?
Do I ever get to be in my comfort zone again? If I get comfortable with the new change does that mean I’m not doing it right?

It just seems very complicated to me.
No wonder so many people avoid change…Especially when it comes to starting a business and investing money.
5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning, Paragon Partners International, Paragon Marketing Essentials and Paragon Living Institute provide the plan, the partners, the tools and the training you need to help you discover and use your gifts and talents so you can be successful doing what you love to do. Right in the middle of your own comfort zone.
We have found that working in our true comfort zone we can tap into the power of enthusiasm and passion that has been linked to successful people throughout the ages.

Napoleon Hill says:
“Enthusiasm is a state of mind that inspires and arouses one to put action into the task at hand.  It does more than this, it is contagious and vitally affects not only the enthusiast, but all with whom he comes in contact.”

There are several options for training, coaching and team participation depending on how fast you want to go to build or rebuild your business.  We can show you how to generate part time income, replace current full time income and build for retirement.

Growing teams around the US and Canada prove that by using the 5 Steps strategic plan, partnering with our elite International team of entrepreneurs, and investing in the professional coaching and training you need to make it is the most profitable and exciting way to build a business of your own today.
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