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Introduction to 5 Steps

The 5 Steps Model was born from my experience and belief that a successful business is built on the principle of building and developing a database.

Building our database is the art of using specific marketing strategies to attract our ideal markets. It also represents the capacity for growth. Developing our database is the tending, nurturing and sometimes weeding of the audience we attract.

As a Personal Coach and Strategist, my job is to help other people be successful. Every day I hear people talk about many of the same obstacles;

  • I've been in the business 25 years and I still don't know what to say when someone asks me what I do.
  • I can't get my downline to do anything. They sign up and then drop out.
  • I need to find better people.
  • I'm terrible at follow up. I can usually get people to try the products, but often they won't stay with the program.
  • I have very little time and not much money. How can I be successful?
  • I've tried everything. Nothing really seems to work for me.

The goal of the 5 Steps is to help you create a plan for your business so you can overcome obstacles like these or avoid them altogether. Each step of the model gives you the essential ingredients for short term activity and long term success. Follow are simple introductions to each of the 5 Steps. If you are someone who really wants to create immediate income and long term passive income while building a business of your own ~ welcome, you've come to the right place.

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