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Step 5: Tools to Implement and Carry Out Your Plan

Now that you have your Plan of Action outlined, it's time to develop support materials to activate it. With that in hand, you should be able to put together a list of the Tools you are going to need first. Here are a few of the ones I've used myself and shared with my clients.

  • Dear Friend Letter
    Creating a dear friend letter will help you put the words together to talk about what you do with confidence. It can be used as a tool for introduction as well as a tool for announcing a new focus or highlight in your business. I recommend it as a first activity for all new business partners. A simple DFL can be a great way to get a new person up and running with a marketing activity. It may be a work in progress for a while, as you clarify your image and target markets.
  • Direct Mail
    Direct mail is a great way to reach people without the interference of spam blocks and no call rules. It is a great way to present your image and message to a cold market. I consider it a staple activity for developing customers, referral sources and business partners.
    The trick with direct mail is focus and consistency. To do one mailing is almost like not doing it at all. Statistically it takes many, many exposures in order to get someone to even see what you are sending. Especially if what you send blends in with the usual junk mail. This is an activity where being remarkable, intriguing and memorable is critical.
  • Email/Internet Marketing
    Email and internet marketing can be a great compliment to other monthly marketing activities. The biggest challenge with the Internet is reaching your audience in the first place. One way to reach your audience is through the use of email programs such as Swiftpage. Swiftpage is a specific tool for creating email campaigns and newsletters. It not only gives you a format for creating visually appealing email, it is also a tool for collecting data about your database.
  • Ads
    To get the best results your ad has to be specific about who you are looking to attract and include your business image.
  • Phone Calls
    A strong marketing campaign will almost always include making contact with people on the phone. Whether you choose to call cold markets (leads) or set up an ongoing plan for contact with your existing customers, referral sources and business partners, direct contact is essential.

To get the best results from your telephone activity here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use your DFL as the basis for your scripting, and then adjust accordingly.
  • Make calls only as they are a part of a specific activity series. Remember every activity category has a different reason for making calls at different times.
  • Be specific about setting and stating your objective for the call. Stay on topic and move as quickly as you can to your objective

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