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Step 2: Define Your Target Market

Undeniably, the greatest appeal to Network Marketing is the potential for passive income. To get to the passive income though, we not only want to attract people, we need to keep them. That means first of all getting enough people into the database to create momentum and the income desired. Then keeping them active into infinity. Independently.

I don't know about you ~ but I'm pretty choosy about the people who are in my life for the rest of my life. If my customers and partners are going to stick around long enough for me to see the passive income, it stands to reason it will work best if I like them and maybe even have some things in common, yes?

Your marketing strategy is critical to attracting the 'right ones' for your business and products. The more focused the message, the more likely someone is to understand the objective, and if they identify with that, be more motivated to respond.

Identifying your Target Market can help you streamline your entire business so you get the most from your time and marketing investments

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