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Free Discussion Groups for 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning AND   A Recipe for Conversation

13 Key Elements - 1/25/14 (Link to call; 10m)

Your two main jobs, most likely, are marketing: getting the prospects, and selling; turning those prospects into assets. Though marketing and selling seem similar, they are distinctly different skill sets, and even if you manage to get all the pieces working together, obstacles arise. 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning has 5 Steps. A Recipe for Conversation has 8. If you put the two together, you will have the 13 Key Elements to the specific tasks of Marketing and Selling and you will be able to identify the root of every obstacle and overcome it.

5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning - Using your eBook and OnLine Library (Link to call; 80m)

How others are using their 5 Steps eBook and online library. Answers and clarifications about putting your plan together. Other Paragon Partners on the call talk about how the use their 5 Steps every day. Special conversation with Virginia Holley on how setting up her marketing plan 9 years ago helped her to build a $million dollar business.

Target Market - 7/8/14 (Link to call; 64m)

Are you clear on how to build the most valuable database? What are the keys to successful branding in today’s online markets? Who is your target market and how do you find them?  (64 min)

Making a Gracful Exit - 6/14/14 (Link to call; 53m)

When is it time to ask for the sale or the sign up? What if you find out your prospect is not the right one for you? Having trouble with follow up? This class will guide you to the right time to ask and the most important part of 'what's next.'

Creating Agreement and Acknowledging Similarities - 5/10/14 (Link to call; 64m)

Why does 'YES' make such a big difference in your conversations? Would you like to be more in control of where your conversations go? What do you have in common with your prospects? Learn how Agreement, Driving the Conversation and Similarities can make or break your chances of being successful.

Resources, Activities and Tools - 4/8/14 (Link to call; 64m)

Working through 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning; we'll look at the importance of knowing your resources, choosing your activities and putting together the tools you need for the most successful business marketing plan

Benefits of Paragon Partners - 3/11/14 (Link to call; 64m)

Find out more about Paragon Partners and how our active lineup of Tech Talk, team calls and online library can help you work through the ongoing challenges of business ownership.  Get up to date technical support, supportive coaching and contemporary tools.

Charisma, Objectives and Your Rules of Engagement – 2/15/14 (Link to call; 63m)

Rules of Engagement - 7/10/13 (Link to call; 74m)

Read pages 27- 36. Write up 3 Primary Rules of Engagement and 3 ways you can establish those in a conversation. We explore how we use our Rules of Engagement to compliment our business and personal relationships.

Setting Objective and the Graceful Exit - 6/29/13 (Link to call; 56m)

Getting clear on setting objectives makes getting what you want a lot easier. As we look at how to start the conversation with a clear end in mind, we'll also consider the end. Often time people get stuck rehearsing the beginning of their script. Here, we'll look at 'exit scripts' as well. Read pages 19-26 and 61 to end. Do the homework.

Charisma and Affirmations - 6/26/13 (Link to call; 66m)

On this call we discussed the idea of Charisma in our communication and how we are actively using it. We also shared how we use Affirmations. Read through page 17 and do the homework.




Do you believe it is possible to do what you love and be successful?
Are you looking for a way to do that in your lifetime?

Did you know that statistically, most people who start a home-based business marketing products or services to the general population fail?

Did you also know that two of the most common reasons are not knowing what to do and lack of confidence? is a chance for you to sample the topics and trainings that we offer through a variety of resources. This archive contains more than 10 FREE hours of live recorded calls. Meet some of our association members and discover how specific training and coaching for direct sales and marketing can improve your success potential.

The foundation for our calls comes from 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning and Communicating and Selling Effectively , two of the most powerful tools available to help you build and develop your business.

Whether you are considering a new venture or looking to revive an existing business, if you spend a few hours listening to the calls on this site, you will be making an important investment towards a more remarkable, intriguing and profitable journey.

If you like what you hear and want to get started building your plan, the next step is getting your personal copy of 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning EBook. Visit 5 Steps eBook for order information.

  1. 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning (24m)
  2. A Punchlist for Getting Started, Communicating, and Selling (8m)
  3. 5 Steps Basics (62m)
  4. Seasons of a Business (60m)
  5. Why People Buy (49m)
  6. The Power of a Team (58m)
  7. Making a 3 to 5 Year Plan Sexy (56m)
  8. Learn to Set Objectives (58m)
  9. Rules of Engagement (59m)
  10. Recruiting Strategies (56m)
  11. What If They Say Yes? (60m)
  12. Working with Referral Sources (37m)
  13. Why People Come, Why People Join and Why They Stay (34m)
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